Decentralized Autonomous Organisations have emerged as collective entities that operate via intelligent contracts on blockchains. Successful DAOs have focused on Decentralised Finance and ownership of Non-Fungible tokens, while literature has discussed basic examples of their potential operation in architectural design. The paper presents the challenges, models, constraints, and operating models of an Architecture DAO, a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that has the purpose of practicing and researching Architectural design, both in the physical sense and in the Metaverse, i.e., Virtual reality universes regulated by the DLTs/Blockchain. In short, the paper discusses a decentralized Architecture Studio essentially run via blockchain computer protocols, a studio that anyone with a blockchain account can join, interact with and participate in its design operations.


The paper discusses the new emerging model of decentralization of architecture studio operations and its integral relationship with crypto-economics within the challenges. In particular, we analyze the recognition of work contributions by members and the glory of value and innovation concerning incentives encoded on the blockchain. Within the models and opportunities, the paper discusses the relationship and integration of the Blockchain operating protocol with the open-source ecology of the computational tools the DAO uses. Within constraints, The paper briefly presents a critique of the contradiction between decentralization and the core activity of architecture to organize space, matter, and function in well-orchestrated constructs.

Core to the philosophy of the Architecture DAO is the coupling of blockchain primitives with spatial design, both in real physical space and the Metaverse. This integration allows architects of the architecture DAO to embed desirable economic behaviors in the spatial arrangement and create optimized organizational structures that will enable optimized collective designs, for example, for the minimization of Carbon and waste. The paper concludes with a framework of models to be tested and validated within the operations of the Architecture DAO.


More effective, less constraining funding for architecture researchers

We are seeking ways how to implement smart contracts in architecture projects.

Involving the general public in discussions about the future of architecture

Gathering visions of architecture for the 21st century

Organizing workshops, meetings, and conferences


ArchiDAO is developing special NFTs representing your skills and achievements. With these NFTs, members will be able to participate in ArchiDAO’s projects and vote on proposals. Each owner’s experience will weigh each vote.