Our goals and vision

First DAO by Architects for Architects.

We aim to push the boundary in the AEC (architecture, engineering & construction) Industry with a blockchain and web 3.0 native approach.

ArchiDAO is focused on developing web3 integrated solutions in metaverse and blockchain in both physical & digital domains.

Who we are?

– Web 3.0 first design technologists passionate about architecture and city development.
– We are AEC folks bridging the gap between physical & digital.

Goals of the DAO

– Demonstrate novel ways to connect AEC & blockchain
– Foster web discussion & participation in AEC
– Materialize blockchain-architecture research

What we value

-Project-first approach
(compared  versus a token-first approach)
– Task-based member rewards
– Aim to create better experiences
– Explore new mechanisms  & strategies for connection between physical & digital.

What we offer?

– Architectural skill set including design, modeling & experience creation.
– Digital experiences incorporated into physical ones for Products,  Services, Education, Discussion platform, Events, etc
– Building the user-centric Metaverse experience