ArchiDAO’s Roadmap

Learn more about our Vision

Q4 2021

ArchiDAO Formation

Community Meetings Initiation

Website Launch


Q1 2022

Discord Group (Season 1 Onboarding) 

Crypto Barrista Project Initiation

imnotArt Project Initiation

CryptoTwin Project Initiation

Education Workshop (Metaverse)

Web3 Consultancy Projects

NFT Skills Smart Contract Research Initiation

Study Group Initiation (Network State)



Season 1 Onboarding Ends (Feb. 28)

Tokenomics Initiation

Q2 2022

NFT Skills Smart Contract Launch

Internal Training and Development
Consultancy Projects

External Educational Workshop (Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain-AEC)

Online Course Launch
Revised Whitepaper Draft

Podcast / Guest Interviews Launch

Q3 2022

Season 2 Onboarding Launch (July 1st)

NFT Skills Integration

Tokenomics Launch

In Person Local Meetups

ArchiDAO’s own Blockchain-AEC Hybrid Conference

ArchiDAO Merchandise

Season 2 Onboarding Ends (Aug. 28)

Q4 2022

University and Architectural Organizations Engagement

Socials Ambassadors Initiative Launch

Annual Review (Projects, Finance and Future Plans)